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NIP/TUCK Season 5 Episode 2. Check you local listings for times & dates.
Click here for more Nip/Tuck photos.


Here is Susan Griffiths with Dustion Hoffman, Larry David & Sascha Cohen on the set of CURB


Interview Magazine's 35th Anniversary COLLECTOR'S ISSUE, photographed by David LaChapelle.


They choose Susan as one of THE WORLD'S MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE ! !





Susan Griffiths is currently highlighted as Marilyn Monroe during Elton John's Red Piano Concert @ CEASARS PALACE (Las Vegas) . During his CANDLE in the WIND performance an extraordinarily large video screen shows Susan creating Marilyn's last (pseudo) photo shoot.




On a movie set with Billy Zane . . . . .



When Susan Griffiths was featured in the L.A.Times, the reporter stated that she was the number one Marilyn Monroe impersonator in the business ! !




ATOMIC MAGAZINE featured Susan in a photo shoot wearing clothes that once belonged to Marilyn herself !





Here's photos and press from Susan chosen for the lead roll in MARILYN & ME, a CBS special.


            You know you made it when you are featured in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER ! !



These shots are from filming QUANTUM LEAP w/Scott Bakula




Susan was chosen to unveiled MARILYN MONROE @ LEGO LAND in Calif.


This photo of Susan was used as a nationwide ACURA print ad.


 Wanna' KISS?

Susie with Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS !




 2006 Gay Pride in Los Angeles with professional make-up artist KIM GOODWIN








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