Susan Griffiths as Marilyn Monroe


Susan Giffiths with Jimmy Kimmel on the cover of a GQ Magazine.

Here's a political move we can all agree on !

Here's a link  to the article, more photos, and a behind the scene video.



Also keeping Susan busy is Mercedes Benz. After a world wide search for the perfect Marilyn Monroe, Mercedes Benz chose Susan Griffiths to promote their new GLK Model. You may Click here for an exclusive look at the commercial and behind the scene footage.



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Susan Griffiths along with Blood Brothers Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez
(both accomplished Writers/Producers/Directors/Actors)






Did you see Susan Griffiths as "Joyce Monroe" on NIP / TUCK ?


Click here for photos of Susan on the set of NIP/TUCK and more "behind the scenes" information.



Susan Griffiths,

performing as Marilyn Monroe . . .  



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   Notably the most famous Marilyn Monroe impersonator in the world, Susan Griffiths.

Since introducing her talents to the Las Vegas Strip with the original cast of Legends in Concert, Susan has been using her own voice and natural looks to woo audiences around the world.
marilyn monroe impersonator susie griffiths
Film credits include Pulp Fiction (see video link below), John Travolta’s come back smash, directed by Quentin Tarantino. After Susan met with Quentin Tarantino and landed the roll, he changed the script to add a speaking roll for her character. This is just one example to confirm she is an impressive talent with a tremendous presence.

Just recently Susan was chosen to portray Marilyn Monroe (in a pseudo photo shoot) for Elton John's RED PIANO in las vegas.

A perfectionist to her gift, with a terrific personality and professionalism matched by no other, Susan Griffiths is the best choice for any special occasion.

Whether you wish to book Susan Griffiths to MC your special event, or be the spokes model for an international product, or maybe you'd like her to perform "Happy Birthday" at a birthday party, she can even put together a full stage production show for a Corporate or Private Function including some of her "legendary" friends
(example Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Janis Joplin, Bette Midler, Elvis Presley, ect.), or you may want her to audition for a movie roll or TV series, either way, when you choose Susan Griffiths to perform, you’ll be glad you've chosen the best!!


ACURA is . . .  just check out this print ad featuring Susan . . .


In fact, recently for Interview Magazine's 35th Anniversary COLLECTOR'S ISSUE (photographed by David LaChapelle) featured interviews with THE WORLD'S MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE. They choose Susan as one of THE WORLD'S MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE along with Jamie Foxx, Hillary Swank, and Dennis Hopper, just to name a few.

A & E did a spot on the 15 sexiest people. Marilyn Monroe was number voted #1 and Susan was chosen to do the interview.

When Susie was recently featured in the L.A.Times, the reporter stated that she was the number one Marilyn Monroe impersonator in the business!

She has received numerous awards including the Cloney Award for "Most Outstanding Impersonation of a Female Film Legend," as well as a "Reel Award" for Best Actress.


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Susan Griffiths as Marilyn Monroe being featured during Elton John's LIVE CONCERT "RED PIANO" @ Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, while he serenades with his #1 hit song CANDEL IN THE WIND.